Film & Documentaries

Kijiji Media develops and produces short-form and long-form documentary projects for corporate, commercial, and entertainment clients. Kijiji can handle every facet of documentary production, including narrative development, story outlines, physical production, project management, video editing, motion graphics, 3D animation, visual effects, music supervision, sound design, voice-over narration, audio mastering, color correction, video seeding, and digital distribution. In this ever-changing digital landscape, we realize that it takes a great product to receive great attention, and Kijiji can provide you with winning product on every price level. Do you have a story to tell? Does your present day situation have some historical significance? Is there a moment in time that you want to capture as it’s happening? Is there an aspect of life that you need to preserve? A documentary can entertain, preserve, and share your message or moment. Kijiji offers everyone from filmmakers to brand managers the opportunity to document their work and raise awareness for their message. In collaborating closely with you to choose, create, and deliver elements that best tell your story, our veteran creative team is ready to help you create an entertaining, informative motion picture for your audience. If you’ve got a story to tell, let Kijiji Media help make your documentary a reality. Call us at +254-722-306-000 OR visit our contact page.