About Kijiji Media

Kijiji Media is a client-focused video production company specializing in the creation of high definition corporate and commercial videos. Our approach is unique. By concentrating on the development of a relationship with our clients, customizing that personal attention tailored to their needs, we create powerful high end videos that make a tremendous impact on their audience. That is our commitment.

Kijiji Media produces work for a wide variety of companies ranging from regional charities to some of the most recognizable global brands and Fortune 100 companies in Kenya. We have over 6 years of industry experience in a variety of production styles, including commercial, corporate, product marketing, promotional, and educational video production. Our team has produced quality corporate work for companies including Toyota and Gulf African Bank; Organisation video for Plan International; as well as educational work for St. Bakhita Kindergaten. We are Consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients, Kijiji Media continues to provide the highest quality in high definition digital video in the region.

Leading the way as a dynamic HD film and edit company, we offer 3D animation, state-of-the-art motion graphics, and aerial drone services in addition to our broadcast commercial, marketing and cinematic style productions – all under one roof. From single camera on-location interviews to multi crew shoots, our team handles productions of any scale and any genre.

To see what we have been up to and see who we partner with, we invite you to browse our portfolio at OUR WORK and check us out at behind the scenes in our PHOTO GALLERY

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